Personal Testimonials

I recently met with Ribu for my first session, and was amazed at my results in about an hours time. After a brief consult Ribu asked what I'd like to accomplish. My answer was quick! Shoulder mobility of course. Being a weight lifter and Krav Maga Self Defense instructor I tend to put a lot of stress on my shoulders, and other then the usual foam rolling I really don't work on mobility as much as I should. Probably one of the most unique aspects of his treatment was his passion for treatment.

Trae VolpeOctober 2017

Dr. Ribu Thomas is hands down one of the most empathetic PT I have met. He listened to everything I had to say and made me feel comfortable. Not only did he pay attention to my hip injury, but also did an overall body assessment to make sure he didn't missing any underlying injury.

Myra PerezSeptember 2017

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